A jar with chocolate shavings spilling out of it.

#300DaysofFlashWriting: Day 10 story on ‘Addiction’

Here’s another piece for the #300DaysofFlashWriting challenge, where participants write for ten minutes only on a prompt posted online by my friend Shekina on her blog and social channels. This was written from the Day 10 prompt, ‘Addiction’.

It’s a bit of a silly one today, but maybe someone somewhere feels exactly like this about chocolate…

Sweet Like

Everyone says they’re addicted to chocolate, but I bet they’re not. Not like I am, anyway.

Do they eat huge slabs of creamy milk chocolate all day long, for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do they snack on packets of milk and white chocolate buttons in between?

I bet they don’t have hot chocolate made from grated dark chocolate instead of anything as boring as tea or coffee.

They certainly don’t drink chocolate milk in place of water.

Would they use cocoa shampoo and conditioner in the shower? Or lounge in chocolate-scented bubbles on lazy Sundays?

They wouldn’t spritz themselves with perfume made from the most pungent cocoa beans, or slather cocoa butter onto their skin as a moisturiser.

Do they use chocolate-scented fabric conditioner that releases a whiff of cocoa from their clothes every time they move?

Do they dream about chocolate morning, noon and night? Do they fantasise about the slip and slide of a piece of milk chocolate as it gently melts onto their tongue? Or about the snap of a thin, fridge-cold sliver of the highest quality dark chocolate? 

Have they estranged relatives and friends who simply don’t understand it? Who try to get them to cut back for just one day, or to go to the doctor or see a psychiatrist? Who visibly recoil every time they visit and are hit by the wonderful, seductive smell of chocolate?

Do they get the shakes if they go more than half an hour without chocolate? Can they never leave the house without at least four chocolate bars safely ensconced in their bags?

I bet not.

© 2021 Dipika Mummery

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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