Silhouettes on a hill.

25 things I miss about pre-lockdown life

  1. The pure joy of locking the front door and setting off on holiday.
  2. Making a surprised “oh!” noise when the food arrives mid-conversation at a restaurant, even though I was certainly there when I ordered it just a few minutes before.
  3. Guaranteed reading time on the commute to and from work (but not the will-it-won’t-it agony of waiting for a delayed bus, or the other people on it).
  4. The first big mouthful of a pint in a lively pub on a Friday after work.
  5. Falling into a massive Gujarati food coma as my husband drives us home from seeing my mum.
  6. The sight of Manchester city centre basking in butter-soft sunshine that particularly flatters the reddish-brown buildings there.
  7. Random office banter that distracts everyone, even the managers, from work for longer than it probably should.
  8. The curtain of calm that falls over me the moment I walk into a bookshop.
  9. Spilling some of my beer on myself in the excitement of a banging, sweaty gig.
  10. Eating all of my sweets in the cinema before the film even starts.
  11. The sight of my husband bounding up a Lakeland hill like a mountain goat while I slowly struggle along several metres behind him (yes, really).
  12. The wonderful, magical Cheese Man’s enthusiastic greeting of “Hello! ‘Ow you doing?” when we get to the front of the queue at the local market.
  13. Dissolving into hysterical drunken laughter with friends, inevitably resulting in at least two of us getting the hiccups and/or choking/coughing.
  14. Sunny lunchtimes spent reading by the Old Quad at the university, bees drowsing nearby.
  15. Wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles of shelves at the library, knowing that I could take home any book I see for free, if I wanted to.
  16. Licking melted ice cream from my hand after buying a 99 (with raspberry sauce and a Flake) on a really hot day and not eating it quickly enough.
  17. Flicking through a dog-eared inflight magazine while being too excited about my holiday to concentrate on the articles.
  18. Bumping into people I haven’t seen for years and standing on the pavement either nattering for ages or having a quick, slightly awkward catch-up.
  19. Ordering a ridiculously expensive cocktail in a bar and not regretting it in the slightest.
  20. Sitting down with a pot of tea and a huge slice of cake in a cafe after an interesting but exhausting walk around a stately home/castle/museum.
  21. Walking out of Boots/Superdrug while scrabbling in a pocket for a tissue to wipe off all the make-up I’ve tested on the back of my other hand.
  22. Writing to the soundtrack of the plinky-plonky music in the cafe above the bookshop at work.
  23. Furtive glances at other punters’ sleepy under-the-table dogs in a sunny beer garden.
  24. Neck ache from looking upwards at interesting buildings in a foreign city.
  25. Coming home after- well, just coming home, full-stop.

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