Eating and drinking in Lisbon

T’husband and I went to Lisbon for a few nights towards the end of 2016 and absolutely LOVED it. The other day, I sent a list of our food and drink highlights to a colleague, and realised I’d sent the same list to two other friends previously.

So, I thought I’d better immortalise my recommendations in a blog post rather than root around in my emails every time someone I know says they’re planning to visit Lisbon!

Below is a brief list of the best places we went to. Bear in mind that we don’t meat, so this is all veggie-friendly, but you definitely won’t be stuck for options if you’re a carnivore and (especially) if you love seafood.

  • Queijaria Cheese Shop and Bar – We went here for amazing fondue and wine on our first night. It was SO good. The waitress remarked that she’d never seen the bottom of the fondue dish before when she came to take our dishes away…


  • Jardim dos Sentidos – Really good veggie restaurant that does a wide range of cuisines. It’s got an outdoor bit if the weather’s nice!
  • Pharmacia – This is a quirky tapas restaurant based around a ‘pharmacy’ theme. It does some great Portuguese food and there’s lots of non-meat options. It’s slightly on the pricey side but good for a special meal. Pre-booking is recommended (I think I just emailed them).
  • LisBeer – This is a great bar that does loads of craft beer. The beer list is massive and it’s all underground (but I think there’s an outdoor bit too), so it has a nice cosy vibe.
  • Duque Brewpub – Quite a small pub but with some good ale/craft beer options.


  • Time Out Market – This is an indoor market with two areas, one for selling fruit, veg etc and another with loads of food and drink stalls. The food and drink bit is great for either lunch or the evenings.
  • Pasteis de Belem – It’s worth getting a tram out to Belem to visit this bakery – it’s the oldest maker of Portuguese custard tarts and they’re so delicious! There’s usually a massive queue for takeaway but you can go in and sit down to order tarts and coffee and lunch without joining the outdoor queue. We also went to look at the tower in Belem and generally just wander around. It’s a nice area.

There’s also a Museum of Beer that we didn’t get to.

We definitely want to visit again, so I’d love to get some more tips if you have them!

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